Sweet baby portrait to be

girl portrait close up

girl portrait close up

I would say working on the portrait for someone that u know is different from drawing the super model from magazine…….

when you someone is unique

when you have the specific perception on the person

you know you need to hold the feeling and make it happen on the drawing

i guess this is how you interpret you idea on the blank paper

and the truth – the drawing must be pretty itself.

girl portrait

girl portrait

that’s very interesting when i draw and know this is not yet finish

something missing on the portrait and it’s exciting to find way solving problem

Let’s see!

  1. Baby said:

    wow~~super pretty…….sweet n cool…haha

    i really like your sweet drawing………..!!!

    Support u arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~~~~

    • really?! thank u baby!
      ya~great to know my boss likes the drawing la, haha will try to complete it asap…….

  2. baby said:

    haha …boss !!
    HEY….再唔快d completed ………….!!
    not pay the salary to u …..hahahaha

    • thank u! I’m trying to do my best. I like what u shared they’re inspiring!

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