Golden clutch

golden clutch

golden clutch

Hey little son, what are you smelling?

fancy my new golden clutch?!

Sorry! That’s mine!

What do you do when you’ve got 2 mins to pop out the door????

Slip into something comfy and long to cover the bottom……

Squeeze into the jeans you wore often…..

grasp the black vest, put on whatever black heel.

Golden clutch, not-oversized-on-me-but-actually-oversized-sunglasses,


they’re bold enough to speak for you

you could go without constraintssss.

Yes! Super love the golden clutch, a gift from Jazz,

shame that the belt was not included

i wish i could have a nice and short one piece to go with the belt in the near future.

those in the closet was not working totally

The clutch, yes, the golden clutch, something that i could keep it by my side daily.

hurry-in-a-80’s style do fine on me,

let’s see ehat’s next!


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