Guess what – the answer

lady swords

lady swords

dadadadadaaaa~this is it!

Yes! Shopperholics!

the new obi belts are just gorgeous!

black is good

purple and yellow is nice in colour

hard to give them up

so see!!! finally we bought them both!


the new project that we 3 girls to be completed!

Jazz! your look with obi belt is very creative! Love it!

Sweet baby love the cute corset, let’s see your look!

Moi?! haha the 80’s!

Tell me what you love!

This is an interesting gathering for 3 of us! But it finally becomes a hunting @ H & M.

baby laughing

sweet baby laughing

jazz cool girl

jazz cool girl

the two lovely girls that meeting finally after a few arrangement!

thank you dears, “thank you” is not the perfect word to let you know how i’m grateful about your supports

we must have a big fat hug in the next gathering!

  1. moonstone said:

    三種奇妙的化學元素聚在一起 !!

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