Hong Kong Art Fair day 1

HK Art Fair

HK Art Fair

Voila! Although i am not a big fan to modern installation

this is the one i like

feel so cold so surreal

HK Art Fair

I’m glad to be in the art fair

first time to be there and definitely need a 2nd visit for further exploration

regret that not bringing with my camera

so many to look at

HK Art Fair

it’s interesting to see familiar ideas from different artists

i wonder if same idea different interpretation should count as creation

may be it does

when u inject ur way of execution

that’s ur original perception to certain feeling/story

HK Art Fair

HK Art Fair

This is one of the most inspiring art piece from an Korean artists

checking around from different angels

the colour varies from green and blue from both sides

HK Art Fair

Makes the pottery alive

HK Art Fair

I guess this is the trend of art, they are so virtual yet realistic

Not 3 dimension exactly

just real

HK Art Fair

by the way, this is a nice place to see a lot of people from different country / social status……

finally time out for japanese x canton pop

gals in tower high platforms

ladies carry different styles of Hermes leather bags

cute guys in skinny suits and nerd glasses super curly locks

red-haired ladies with extremely fair skin

i’m too busy to check them out!


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