Prada Men Fashion show FW12, all star power

Power is around every corner in this FW12 Prada Men’s show. True that Gary Oldman walking the red carpet exaggerates the tension, but i have to admit the clothes itself and the styling is still generating the power originally.

Prada Men FW12

Prada Men FW12

Miuccia Prada always brings us surprises whenever new collection launches. This time she gives us gentlemen from the post World War II with an Victorian accent – white turtleneck underneath, double breast long coat and pocket ornaments.

Prada Men FW12 pocket detail

Prada Men FW12 pocket detail

Despite everything about power women and unisex thing, suits are Men’s fate. No fussy, just the tailored cut, with minimal ornament and cordial colour. Madame Prada shows us the chicest accessories possible on pockets, sunglasses, check! Floral neckpiece, check! Brooch, check! Yes! We almost forget all these little things for a gentlemen.

Prada Men FW12 pinstripe detail

Prada Men FW12 pinstripe detail

And yes we are so blind to explore the subtlety of colour, how pinstripes and graphic pattern could possibly become to harmony.

Prada Men FW12 pattern detail

Prada Men FW12 pattern detail

After all these gentlemen’s package, the outfit itself generate power, the power of neatness, power of a la mode, power of formality.






**************all pictures from and New York Times

  1. Reblogged this on TheBedStuyDandy and commented:
    I agree, the inclusion of so many actors and prominent men did help enhance the masculinity and power the collection exerts. I really loved the collection and the venue set-up (in awe).

  2. Moonstone said:

    Nik … Kung Hei Fat Choy

    • KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!!! YEAH~wish u a very best year of Dragon!!!

  3. Dominic said:

    The collection made me think of aphoristic films, Defoe and Brody looked like Runway Villains. It was just so captivating.

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