When the time “you don’t know what to buy” comes, it’s when you should hold a cup of coffee and sit right in front of the screen to surf on what you really want to put on YOU.

Here I come……

Boyish, nothing too cute or sweet…….

vintage inspired………

if the outfit is not boring that would do…………..

So when i flick every fashion blogs and snapshots i try to ask myself what is the point you like it.

say for example, the fur trim below and the printed skirt, definitely like the colour of the whole outfit, even the fair skintone and the bloody lipstick on the girl. This is aperfect mix and match from head to toe.

garcon vintage skirt

garcon vintage skirt

I always wonder how the girl makes herself looked so chic yet simple. Nothing too much, no extra accessories the light-the-face-make-up.

garcon puffy coat

garcon puffy coat

Look at her! Just plain shirt and pant, but with the scarf as headband, the textured coat and the vintage motif handbag, she’s all that!

I like the way they are not girlie i like them in shirts and pants, i like them mixing the basic item with something vintage-inspired.


******all pics from Face Hunter

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