When Coco Chanel puts on the pants i/o long skirt to attend social events, people thought she’s insane. In my life it’s just the norm to walk with both cloth chimneys. Not the skirts too girlie it’s just the best on me. The only rule is to roll the hems up, to show a little ankle, socks end and the booties.

face hunter look

face hunter look

spur 2011 mens

spur 2011 mens

ok, i admit that i intend to dress like what boys do, with basic tees and pants-next-to-me, voila!

face hunter gal in cropped denim

face hunter gal in cropped denim

From most of my experiments, what works best is usually the most simple clothes. The tricks i guess would be how we coordinate our look with accessories!

2 ways

There are always 2 sides of me, my sentimental brain asks me to go softer, wear high heels grab a vintage clutch, create nostalgic look. My practical sides force me to go tough, play with mono tones & hardwares! Unfortunately i love them both!

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