garcon coats jackets nikology
garcon coats jackets nikology

( *****pics from the Street Pepper )

the most key pieces i would say the oversized, stolen-male-jackets, aka in a romantic vocab – boy-friend’s jacket.

It doesn’t neccesarily from your lover,

just the concept to have a loose coat, long enough to cover your bottom, wide fairly too big for your shoulder, that’s the look!!!

You can tell that mostly they are made by wool, it’s about the structure to give a “tough” image.

You can also noticed that they are in dark tones- brown mostly, than khaki, then grey. Safe colours easy to go with everything out of your closet right?!

garcon boy friend jkt from Nikology

garcon boy friend jkt from Nikology

( *****Isabel Marant FW2011 / Alexander Wang SS2011 )

The masculine cut is just so right to give certain sexy appearance on female body, it is the right portion of being girlie.

Besides of comfort wearing the oversized coat it is the power you get hold on it.

I should get one…………


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