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For the sake of creativity, i guess we should experience all the shades of colours. Black and white is the basic colour to wear, but if you ever get used to them COLOURS will inject the newness to your sense of hue.

nikology Hair colour hairstyle styling colour punch

nikology Hair colour

Do not take me wrong i love my hair black i am proud of being a Chinese, and i DO prefer, in a way, to unveil the possibility of getting out from the comfort-classic-typical-Asian-look-zone.

Acid colour is the most adorable preference, pink, white, ash, all perfect!!!

nikology Hair colour hairstyle styling colour punch dip dye

nikology Hair colour

Creativity does not stop at the point of just bleach out the original darker tone, it extends the imagination of mix and match different shades!

nikology hair blue bleach hair style

nikology hair blue bleach hair style

What colour do you like?

My pick – blue!

*********hairstyles pictures from

boy portrait

boy portrait

Another attend of drawing boyssss.

This time he’s not really a total stranger but an interesting classmate from my previous evening class.

I love his hair style!

It’s fun to create texture on the hair strands

I would say i still like it though this is not a perfect piece of drawing

Illustration works @

jazz portrait

jazz portrait

the idea of Jazz age‘s portrait is simply a blob of black hair, with a touch of killer fierce red lipstick.

what it comes out is very jap,

jazz portrait

jazz portrait

kinda love it, but this is not good enough to tell how powerful she is.

I like the hair strokes, nothing more, just the brush, simplicity works well,

I know sometimes less is more however,

this is not yet finished as is

illustration work @

By the way thank you Jazz thank you for the gift, love them very much indeed and i am using it today!