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Keep it all clean, no fussy is tricky, no matter it’s about layering, colour, shape, anything about clothing.

That is everything that i love about Marni yet afraid of it. Especially when you are spoiled by easy to go jersey tee shirts & jeans. This year i tend to get away from these 2 best friends and get along with some new best friend, ie, textured jacquard fabric and soft leather in summer time.

Marni for H& M give me a good test of it, my pick the skirt even though not much followers. I would say it is something that i wanted on me as an adult. Serious “work wear”,please don’t laugh at me. Forget the rule that it has to be something boring for office lady. May be some metallic fabric would work.


Marni stripe tee
$420 –

Marni pointy toe pumps
$635 –

Marni zip bag
$385 –


Marni sleeveless shift dress
$545 –

Marni shoulder handbag
$895 –

Marni geometric necklace
$695 –

Rag bone black wool hat
$150 –
Another fav, yes, it has to be something cool something really represent me, monotone never wrong on me. I play safe with this drop shoulder sweater. Skinny pants and loafer, ha! Trust me this is low profile yet elegant!
boy portrait

boy portrait

Another attend of drawing boyssss.

This time he’s not really a total stranger but an interesting classmate from my previous evening class.

I love his hair style!

It’s fun to create texture on the hair strands

I would say i still like it though this is not a perfect piece of drawing

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