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I like lines, every time the girl figure is done I think it’s enough already, but no, just like people put on make up and heels, it’s the attitude, the girls needs colours to speak for them!


J’aime beaucoup dessine les lignes mais cet ne le fin pas, juste comme les femmes donnent sa attitude quand elles portent des talons.


man portrait eyes

man portrait eyes

I would say i am not used to draw male portrait

always think it’s tricky to apply my soft lines for man

somehow the drawing didn’t convinced even myself

this time

i hope the drawing doesn’t look bad

man portrait chin

man portrait chin

Kevin is a stylish guy that i found in the shopping mall, he’s the owner of a boutique

He appears in such a confident look

man portrait

man portrait

speak cold but he says yes to my request

haha my luck.

Illustration @

boy portrait

boy portrait

Another attend of drawing boyssss.

This time he’s not really a total stranger but an interesting classmate from my previous evening class.

I love his hair style!

It’s fun to create texture on the hair strands

I would say i still like it though this is not a perfect piece of drawing

Illustration works @

Girl portrait

Girl portrait




girl portrait

girl portrait